About Us

The Plug Network is an American streaming platform spearheaded by the influence of the West Indies. The Plug Network curates content such as Movies, Talk Shows, Podcasts, Sports,  Live Events, and Comedy to its subscribers. The Plug Network’s Headquarters are located in the town of Hempstead, Long Island, New York. A Haitian-American serial entrepreneur banded together with a group of loved ones under the notion that there is a dire need for West Indian/Carib content in the Film Industry. The industry was so in need of Shedding Light on the unique talents that reign from the West Indies. So in need, that second thought would cease to exist amongst the collective; thus creating THE PLUG NETWORK! A platform where subscribers can get Plugged into an Outlet of undeniable bonafide content where not only does the viewer benefit; but the uploader does as well.